Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Nov 27, 2020

In what’s been a tumultuous year for so many, now more than ever is the time to give back. There are many ways to give back to your community during this holiday season. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Donate Cold Weather Clothing

Shelters and donation centers are always in need of outerwear as the weather begins to cool down. Before the weather gets too cool, take a look through your closet for any items you could donate to someone who may need them more. If you don’t have any personal coats or jackets to give, consider buying one or two new from a discount retailer to donate.

Host a Potluck Neighborhood Thanksgiving

Even after Thanksgiving Thursday passes, why not host a neighborhood gathering to celebrate? You could ask everyone to bring a food item or simply have everyone bring their dinner outside one evening to enjoy the company of their neighbors.

Check-In On Elderly Neighbors

When everyone is gearing up to spend the holidays with loved ones, make a point to check-in on some of your elderly neighbors who may not be able to be with family. You could take them dinner or a baked good one night to let them know they’re thought of by someone during the holiday busyness.

Send Holiday Cards to a Retirement Community

If you’re getting holiday cards ready to send to friends and family, why not send a few generic cards with an encouraging message to a local retirement community or nursing home in your area. Residents who live there may not be able to get out and see relatives this holiday season, so any warm wish will undoubtedly be well-received!

Sponsor a Christmas Gift for a Needy Child

This giving season, consider buying a Christmas gift for a needy child. Many religious organizations or community groups have programs that focus on this. Check out what’s available in your community!