"ON TIME and AS AGREED!" It's not just a motto, it is a promise.

At InterLinc, we believe that in order to deliver the “service without exception” experience, we must have the ability to manage every aspect of the mortgage process. As a mortgage company, InterLinc provides in-house origination, processing, underwriting, and closing. By using this full-service approach, we do not have to rely on anyone but our own team members to fulfill our commitment to you and get your loan closed "On Time and As Agreed"!

Whether you are buying a home for the first time, purchasing an investment property, looking to renovate, or refinancing your home loan, our commitment to you is to leverage our experience to navigate the complicated marketplace and find the highest quality home loan that fits your unique situation and needs. Our team is not only dedicated to finding the right loan for you, but they will also ensure you are getting some of the lowest mortgage rates available. At InterLinc, we pride ourselves on the collaborative relationships we build, and through every branch of our lending family, you will experience exceptional quality from start to finish.

Since its inception, InterLinc has assisted more than 40,000 homeowners in realizing their dream of home ownership. We believe your story is our story, and our nationwide team of 350+ mortgage professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your homeownership goals.


Founded by James H. VanSteenhouse, InterLinc was born when Jim seized an opportunity that he simply could not resist. Having spent his entire career in the mortgage industry, he had waited for something like this to come along and InterLinc was the result.

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the company and its employees was the foundation that enabled InterLinc to survive the housing market crash in 2010. Jim travelled for two months for face-to-face meetings with investors during that critical time - a great example of the power of action versus words. His actions carried a lot of weight and laid the groundwork for the way we do business today. The mission statement set forth by VanSteenhouse is not simply empty words but a commitment that is taken very seriously. We know that results are what really matter and at InterLinc…that is what we deliver.

Since then, he has continued to lead the company in the same way, which has resulted in InterLinc becoming one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the Southeast.


At InterLinc, we believe in strengthening and helping to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. It is this passion that led to the creation of the InterLinc Family Foundation, which is dedicated to making a positive difference in youth by investing time, talent and treasure. Founded in January 2012 by Jim and Elizabeth VanSteenhouse, together with enthusiastic support of the employees of InterLinc, the Foundation’s support is geared toward organizations that effectively utilize volunteer resources; those that can incorporate the direct involvement and volunteer participation of InterLinc employees, their friends and family both in Texas and other states across the country where our company conducts business.

The InterLinc Family Foundation is focused on supporting programs that provide our youth with a sense of hope and belonging, while helping them realize their sense of self-worth. Our initiative is to align our youth with people that encourage a life of great hope, direction and opportunity. Its vision focuses on teaching our youth to "fish for life" versus "feeding them for a day." Having said that, supporters of the InterLinc Family Foundation firmly believe that it is possible to move mountains, and that we can accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for. Each and every one of us has the power to create the future every day, and the Foundation favors endeavors that work to instill these values in the youth of our local communities.