Quality Over Quantity at InterLinc Mortgage As Lender Achieves Top Production and Units per Loan Originator in Scotsman Guide List

Jun 03, 2023

Each year, the Scotsman Guide exclusively distributes a list of all lenders, banks, wholesalers, and credit unions with submitted production numbers. Ranked from highest to lowest, the list is a barometer of companies that are leading in the market. InterLinc Mortgage proudly secures the top position for highest production and units per Loan Originator, amongst its independent mortgage banking competitors.

By prioritizing comprehensive support and implementing new technology advancements, InterLinc empowers its loan originators to handle more volume than their counterparts at larger corporations. While industry giants boasting 3,000 loan originators average a mere $11 million, InterLinc's originators achieved an approximate average of $32 million. While the mid-size lender has less loan originators than the average mortgage lender, quality outweighs quantity, as InterLinc loan originators produce more in units and volume than the national average, according to the Scotsman Guide.

"We have the engine in place to run the RPMS's that will work for any large producer's volume," said James Durham, Senior Vice President of Production. "When I am speaking with candidates that want to join the company, I always tell them, "What matters most in life is who you surround yourself with. Do they elevate your game or suppress your game?" The decision that all loan originators must make is whether they want to play on the regular season team or the All-Star team. We are built for the All-Stars."

Amidst an environment where negativity plagues the industry, InterLinc is proud to provide a culture of growth for high-quality loan originators, solely focusing on their success. Prioritizing loan originator success and optimal service allows InterLinc to present a suite of tools, technology and program offerings that fuels expansion and overall production.

"At InterLinc, we take pride in not just hiring for the sake of hiring," said Lance Hilcher, Vice President and Director of Business Development. "We meticulously handpick loan originators of exceptional caliber, individuals who exemplify our core values, possess a willingness to understand our processes, and possess the grit required to thrive in this fiercely competitive market. In addition, they have to be people we want to spend time with. That is so important."

As InterLinc's Loan Originators continue to set new industry benchmarks in volume and units, the company has seen intentional growth in branch acquisitions and additions. Since January of 2023, InterLinc has successfully welcomed over 40 talented associates into its home, encompassing loan originators, support staff and corporate personnel. However, the pursuit of excellence does not end there, as InterLinc eagerly anticipates the imminent addition of numerous branches in the months ahead.

"Our esteemed group of loan originators comprises not only exceptional sales professionals but also individuals of the highest caliber," said Gene Thompson, CEO and President. "Each one of them merits this recognition, as it exemplifies their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and yielding unparalleled results for our customers and partners."

If you identify as a high caliber loan originator, you're motivated to play with like-minded All Stars, or if your organization's focus is not on you and your growth, reach out to Lance Hilcher at lhilcher@lincloan.com or (817) 528-3448 to see if you meet our standards.