Is New Construction Right For You?

Aug 05, 2021

Getting a new home is always exciting, whether it’s a new build or just new-to-you. If you’re debating between new construction or resale, here are some reasons why new construction may be the best fit for you.

New Construction Homes Require Few “Fixes”

One of the best advantages of buying a new construction home is the fact that everything in the home is new! That means the chances of you having to replace big ticket items like the water heater, furnace or HVAC are slim. New appliances typically have pretty good warranties on them as well, so if something does go wrong, you generally won’t be held liable.

New Construction Homes Are Energy Efficient

Along with having all new gadgets and gizmos in a new home, you also gain energy efficiency by purchasing new construction. The appliances and windows in new construction will be created for conserving energy. Energy efficient products means a more comfortable environment and more savings to you.

New Construction Homes Aren’t Projects

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy their weekends and is not into DIY projects, a new construction home may be perfect for you. When you buy new construction, you’re typically involved in the building and planning process – like picking out the floorplan and finishes. If you’ve selected what you want, you probably won’t have a big to-do list upon moving in and can spend your weekends relaxing and enjoying your new place. 

New Construction Homes Can Have Incentives

If you’re thinking that a new construction home is going to be way out of your price range, think again! New construction homes often come with incentives from the builder that you won’t find with a resale home. For more information on whether a new construction home will fit your budget and plan, reach out to your local InterLinc loan originator!