InterLinc Mortgage Launches Rebrand to Celebrate Performance Success and Position for Continued Growth

May 12, 2021

InterLinc, a residential mortgage bank is embarking on a new brand campaign to recognize its tremendous performance over the past decade and to ground stronger roots to scale up for its ambitious growth plans in the near future. The company begins its multipart campaign this month with the launch of a new logo identity.

President and CEO Gene F. Thompson III says of the campaign, “I am ultimately committed to empowering my teams to make a difference for homeowners in communities at the end of the day. Fostering that mission simply begins with first, understanding who we are as a company, and second, who our customers are and what they would like. Identities change over time, and we have initiated an effort to better serve the evolving needs and concerns of our customers. In this first phase of the campaign—the new logo we are launching this month—is reflected in the idea of constant transformation and building stronger together with homeowners.”

“Branding goes beyond just aesthetics and visuals but rather encompasses the ultimate, distinct experience that is offered to consumers by an organization – the sum of all of its parts. Our rebranding efforts allowed us to confront the questions of ‘what are we trying to accomplish and why do we come to work every day?’ We needed to consider the DNA of our business, the cultures and patterns that shape who we are and deliver that in a brand message that accurately represents our services and products to each constituent,” says InterLinc Director of Marketing, Melody Warren.

“InterLinc’s new brand identity was designed to align with our consumer personas and their needs, wants and expectations. The logo has a dual-impact purpose, weaving the corporate acronyms for InterLinc Mortgage with the letters I, L (rotated) and M into a logomark that also forms the shape of a rooftop,” says Warren.

Thompson adds, “The name of our company, InterLinc, is just what it denotes. We believe in interconnected links and are grateful for and dedicated to our builders, REALTORS®, and other partners who make homeownership possible. In the market we are in, consumers expect an integrated experience that is based on deep relationships and strong networks to produce the best outcomes. We are steadfast to that idea, and as we begin this part of the story, the next chapter is a refreshed image, a more informed outlook, and the continuation of unwavering loyalty to our customers and partners. We look forward to welcoming others into our story.”

In 2020, despite the adverse effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic that led to a very narrow market, 76 percent of InterLinc’s loan origination was tied to purchase. Total origination for 2020 was about $2.6 billion, and the company forecasts volume of $3.5 billion in 2021. InterLinc’s five-year plan projects $7.5 billion. InterLinc began with just four employees in 2004 and has grown to over 460 employees with 40+ branch locations licensed across 21 states. Year-to-date, InterLinc has added 6 new branches to their team with plans to continue setting the foundation for diversified growth in strategic markets.