If You Can Afford Rent, You Can Afford a Mortgage

Aug 23, 2022

Did you know that if you can afford to rent, you can probably afford to own? With inflation, interest rates and rent predicted to continue rising, now is the time to buy and invest in a home of your own – an asset that will keep appreciating. According to the New York Times, rents on new leases climbed by 14.1 percent in the year through June.  

Still not convinced? Here are the three basic factors for qualifying for a mortgage: 

Income – With a full-time job or steady source of income, you’re off to a great start. Even if not, we offer many non-QM loan options to assist those that are self-employed, small business owners or gig economy workers. 

Down Payment – First off, a 20% down payment is oftentimes not the case. Many programs will work with 5%, 3.5%, and in some cases, even 0% down. Some loan programs even cover closing costs for buyers.  

Credit – You don’t need perfect credit to qualify for a loan! Even if there are a couple of dings on your credit report from past mistakes, our qualified Loan Originators are ready to work with your specific situation. 

Call us today to see how far that rent payment you’re sending off monthly may get you with a home of your own!