How to Buy a House: First-Time Buyer Checklist

Nov 04, 2021

If you’re ready to have a space to call your own, we’re ready to help you get there! Buying your first home can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Keep reading for some things to keep in mind as you prepare to take a step into the world of homeownership.  

Know Your Buying Power 

The first thing to determine when beginning your home search is how much home you can afford. The best way to do that is by connecting with an InterLinc Loan Originator and getting pre-qualified. This will help you know the price and expenses that are right for you and your budget.  

Confirm Your Cash 

When preparing for a mortgage loan, you’ll need to make sure you have appropriate funds set aside for closing costs. Your Loan Originator will most likely need two months bank statements from you, so getting your cash in order prior to when you’re wanting to start your homebuying journey would be beneficial.  

Determine Your Ideal Property Type 

Another question to answer when beginning your home search is the type of home that you ideally want to end up in. Do you only want a single-family residence or are you open to a multi-family or condo set-up? What style of home do you want? Are you interested in new construction or resale?  

Location, Location, Location 

In addition to your ideal property type, you’ll also need to figure out where you want to be. If you live in a metro area, do you want to be in the thick of city life or further out in the suburbs? Are you looking only at specific areas of town, or do you have a broader list of locations to choose from? Answering these questions and more will help your home search be more efficient when you begin.  

Begin the Mortgage Process 

After you've been pre-qualified, you’ve taken care of any financial matters related to your cash needed to close and you know where you’d like to end up and in what type of home, it’s time to work with your Real Estate Agent and InterLinc Loan Originator to make your dreams become reality. To begin your journey, reach out to one of our qualified Originators today!