Employees of the Month - Machelle Tyler and Rachel Greene

Oct 17, 2019

Recently, CEO, James H. VanSteenhouse championed our company's growth and success with an inspirational message. He reminded us of how, "We continue to set milestones as an organization, and this is entirely because of the incredible results each of you puts forth. As the great John Wooden said, ‘Don’t mistake activity with achievement.’ Well, let me be clear - you all get results, period.”

For October we want to spotlight two of our InterLinc team members who continue to deliver incredible results. Congratulations to Machelle Tyler, Gapen Team Manager, and Rachel Greene, Production Assistant, both from our Birmingham, AL branch. Both of these ladies' efforts have contributed to the great milestones our CEO mentioned. Their team members had the following to say about them:

Stephanie Hall, Underwriter, based in Birmingham, AL expressed, “They always find a way to get it done - and done well. Even when the going gets tough, they continue to have the best attitude! Their work ethic speaks for itself - they are great to work with. They seem to overcome any obstacle thrown their way. If closing needs something they jump on it without questions asked. They are truly a blessing to have in the office.”

Cathy Gapen, Producing Branch Manager, based in Birmingham, AL added, “I would not be where I am today without these two ladies that always have my back. I receive so many compliments each day for their attention to detail and relationship-building skills with my customers and referral partners. Our processing, underwriting, and closing teams have all stated to me how much they love working with their positive attitude and energy. They are productive, efficient, organized, dedicated, loyal, hardworking, conscientious, diligent, persistent, passionate, ambitious, enthusiastic, dependable, committed, flexible, self-motivated, team-oriented and I could go on and on, but most of all they are the most fun to work with. We are always laughing together. I had to be out of the office for a couple of months last year and my TEAM held my business together and didn’t skip a beat. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the blessing of having these ladies as part of my TEAM. We are FAMILY!! I would like for them to receive the recognition they deserve.”

April Smitherman, Processor, based in Birmingham, AL added, “They always do whatever they can to make the loan process smooth for Cathy’s customers. They work non-stop and are always available to me if I need anything.

Their files come to the processing department as clean as can be and very rarely do I have to even bother asking for customer anything prior to the file going to underwriting. They get everything upfront and there is no question of what their thought process is on their files. Just another strong link in the chain that keeps the process moving forward.”

Jeff Grant, Underwriter based in Birmingham, AL added, “They are very thorough and diligent workers and they always keep customer service as the priority. Everyone that deals with them always go on and on about how wonderful it is to work with them. If the customers are that happy, then they will come back the next time they need a mortgage and they will tell their friends about InterLinc.”

We are so happy to have Machelle Tyler and Rachel Greene as a part of the InterLinc Family. We wish them continued success in their roles.