Employee of the Month - Kathy Shannon

Mar 17, 2020

“Teamwork sits alongside trust, communication, and tolerance as a building block of the best relationships.” - Jim VanSteenhouse, InterLinc CEO.

Here at InterLinc, we pride ourselves on fostering great relationships built on a solid foundation of all those things our CEO has mentioned. One of our InterLinc family members has contributed tremendously in many “stand out ways” to her team. For that, Kathy Shannon, Assistant Loan Processor from Birmingham, AL is being recognized as employee of the month.

Read about what one member from our InterLinc Family had to say about her.

Pam Moseley, Loan Officer from Birmingham, AL expressed, “Kathy Shannon is one of the finest setup people in our industry. She is always at her desk no matter what time of the day you walk by her door. We throw VOE’s, VOD’s, VOM, etc. at her ALL THE TIME with the emergency, I need it now emails and she always gets right on it. She is a workhorse and, in a position, that we sometimes can take for granted. She will hound the heck out of someone until they send her what she wants! She is a beast, in the best of ways. Her position is not one that gets glory but is SO important and vital to our overall success and I want to take the time to commend her on always being there for what we need and doing it in a delightful and cheerful manner. She makes sure it is ‘On Time and As Agreed!’ I am happy she is a part of our team.”

We are so happy to have her on the team and we look forward to her future success.