Employee of the Month - Beth Derrick

Jan 28, 2020

2019 is officially a memory!

Our CEO James H. VanSteenhouse reminded us of this year’s many accomplishments. He expressed to us how proud he is of this company with the following sentiments, “This was one of the best mortgage banking years in modern history. Many of our professionals set new records. Records for sales, loans processed, underwritten, closed, and even shipped and purchased. It’s a rare moment when all cylinders are firing in unison. From an owner and CEO perspective, it is incredible to see everyone have the opportunity to win”.

This month one particular employee stood out - displaying what you would call the “X” factor. A set-up coordinator from Tulsa, OK named Beth Derrick fiercely displayed this quality and for that, she is named December’s Employee of the Month. Read about what our InterLinc Family had to say about her.

Teri Lerch, a Receptionist, based in Tulsa, OK expressed, "Beth works from home for several busy branches and deals with three- day deadlines consistently. She’s a self-motivated, reliable person, at her desk every morning--coming into the office with us. She’s kind and caring and very willing to help someone if/when they are away. This fall, Beth’s mentor and back-up person left InterLinc and the workload became heavier because of that change. She struggled to find balance at Thanksgiving when some needed to get COC documents out but waited to submit the request until the last hour to comply with federally regulated time tables. She does not point fingers. She does not whine about working evenings after a busy day. Every month, Beth makes a difference. This year Beth cross-trained for another position, along with doing her work in her kind and willing fashion! In December, a stressfully busy month with extra activity, Beth traveled to Tulsa twice for meetings, cross-training two people for her position. Beth became the teacher—it’s a challenge to stay focused on what has to happen with the work as well as communicating with the person in a way that suits their learning style. During December Beth became a mentor. Thank you for everything you do, Beth, and thanks for being an awesome role model. I admire your dedication and growth this year.”

Brenda Holt, a Set Up Coordinator, based in Tulsa, OK expressed, “She is the absolute BOMB! She steps in and takes care of whatever is needed without one negative word. She discloses all of our loans with such care, checking to make sure that all files are disclosed appropriately, saving our branch money! Beth stepped in to help with my job when I was on vacation, and did it perfectly, of course! She also jumps in to help me get caught up when we are overwhelmed with new submissions. She is a kind, patient teacher, helping me to learn her job so that I can fill in for her when she is on vacation. Beth also took my call on that vacation day to answer a question I had! She is truly a team player, and I am so thankful that she is part of our team. We LOVE you Beth!”

Sierra Hardy, a Processor, based in Oklahoma City, OK expressed, “She is a true Rock Star on our team! She steps up and makes sure to help out where ever help is needed! I truly appreciate all her hard work and I don’t know what we would do without her”

Shannon Swafford, a Loan Originator based in Tulsa, OK, expressed, “Beth Derrick in our disclosures desk is a true unsung hero! Working behind the scenes, she expeditiously and efficiently facilitates getting all disclosure packets/COC/Revised LE’s out to our clients. There are tons of changes on our builder files throughout a 4 to 5-month build and she stays on top to ensure we are compliant. Her eagle eyes ensure that the loan estimates are accurate and to minimize any negative cost to the company for cures. Always focused and willing to help, she is invaluable! Plus, she is a cool person too! Definitely a 10!”

We are so happy to have Beth Derrick as a part of the InterLinc Family. We wish her continued success in her role.