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InterLinc Employee Spotlight: Kim Hunter

Many wise people have said that people are any organization’s greatest asset and no one here at InterLinc disagrees with that.  From the outset, we have always strived to be the best in everything we do.  At InterLinc, our goal isn’t to be the #1 volume lender in the market, or #1 on some industry list.  First, and foremost, our goal is to make InterLinc a great place to work and a great place to do business.  InterLinc is built around its people, and we wouldn’t be what we are without each, and every one, of our amazing team members.  People say it all the time…”it’s like a family here”…but here…it’s real.

Each year we all come together in Houston to celebrate our past year’s accomplishments, generate excitement about our future accomplishments, and enjoy quality time with our friends and team members from across the country.  This is a time where we’re able to really get to know one another, but it’s not enough time to get to know everyone.  Having said that, we’re introducing the InterLinc Employee Spotlight.  Each spotlight will introduce one of our team members and provide us an opportunity to get to know that person a little bit better.  We’d like to share this journey with you as well!

In our first InterLinc Employee Spotlight, we shine the light on Kim Hunter, Senior Loan Officer, out of New Orleans, LA.

Kim is relatively new to InterLinc, but she has jumped right in and is making a big splash.  We look forward to the great things to come with her!  After a successful career in hospital administration, Kim made the move into the mortgage industry, where she has flourished over the past 20 years.  In her personal time, she loves listening to music, especially hot jazz and rock and roll.  She also enjoys cooking, old movies, antiques, dog training, gardening (she has a giant courtyard) and people watching…which is alive and well where she lives in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Kim’s significant other is a wonderful man named Donald who is a retired New Orleans firefighter, and with whom she shares a wonderful daughter.  Her pets are her babies!  She has two fur babies, Maybelline the Dutch Shepherd and Kelly the German Shepherd.

In Kim’s words…”I love lending and the magic we make for people.  Seeing the look on people’s faces when they get the keys to their new home is so wonderful…a very rewarding feeling of accomplishment.  It never gets boring or dull, as no two loans are ever the same.  I love renovation lending and have spent six years learning its ins and outs at three of the top companies in the US, and the fact we do it in-house is amazing!”

We asked Kim what it is she loves about InterLinc.  Here’s a little of what she had to say.

“What amazing people we have in this company!  All I can say is IF everyone I have had contact with from InterLinc, ran everything in life, we would have world peace, end hunger and probably a host of other amazing things based upon how they have worked and resolved the most complicated, insane loan of my 20 years…my friend asked me once why Americans call “common sense” common sense, as it made no sense to him.  He said it is so rare, it should be known as “UNCommon Sense”.  This place and its people are so remarkable and filled with people of such GREAT “UnCommon Sense” and intelligence…I am blown away…I’m proud to be with everyone on the team…my enthusiasm and excitement at being here is boundless.  Please let all these amazing people know how immensely excited I am to be with them and express my awe, happiness and respect…so, when I reflect on why God gave me this impossible loan with the 20 reasons we could not do it in rural Texas, I ruminate over the fact I have always said those things in my life which were the worst…and would kill or break other people, I say made me stronger and better, and ended up being the BEST thing in the world for me.  That has to be why God gave me this loan to overcome as my first loan here.  He wanted me to know how blessed I truly am to have found you all.  THIS PLACE IS IT!”

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