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June 20, 2019
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July 12, 2019

June 2019 Employee of the Month – Doug Brown

A few short weeks ago, our CEO, James H. VanSteenhouse, reminded us, “You can either empower a fixed mindset or a transformative mindset. A fixed mindset believes one is stagnant and never evolving.  A transformative mindset believes there’s always room for development and views failure as the beginning of a new story; a time to try again. Transformation is never easy.  It takes PATIENCE, FORGIVENESS, EFFORT, and GRATITUDE.  Seek out the patience to pace yourself with new beginnings.  Show yourself forgiveness in the shortcomings you may hold.  Give effort to change and improve. Show gratitude to those who are willing to share their triumphs and failures.”  He then asked us who we believe, within our organization, reflects a transformative mindset?

The answer was clear.  This person was Doug Brown, Operations Manager out of Plano, TX.

Doug is patient and he shows forgiveness for shortcomings, whether his or someone else’s.  He consistently gives 110% and is constantly looking for ways he, and the organization, can improve.  He’s also ALWAYS ready to show his appreciation for others, and for these reasons, Doug has been selected as InterLinc Employee of the Month – June 2019!

When asked about Doug, Eric Zanotelli, Branch Manager out of Stillwater, OK, said, “Last month we had a Processor or two take vacations. Doug took over the files that the vacationing parties had of mine, and literally worked like a mad man to get them pushed through and approved. During this time I received several after-hours emails, the latest which was sent to me at 11:51 pm.  That email included the line “I am having trouble keeping my eyes open”.  This is in no way a one-time thing either.  Doug always goes above and beyond to help me and my team on a daily basis!”

Jacque Murley, Senior Loan Officer, added, “There’s no doubt in my mind that Doug Brown exemplifies transformational leadership!  I have been with InterLinc for a little over one year, and with Doug and Josh since August of last year.  I was worried when the Greenville Branch closed and I found myself on an island, so to speak, and concerned that I wouldn’t have the support that I needed.  I was used to brainstorming with other loan officers in my office and I don’t like to impose on underwriters and management unless I absolutely have to. I can’t even tell you how much I have learned in the last few months because Doug Brown is always available when I have questions or need assistance.  He doesn’t take over the task…he actually gives me the tools and points me in the right direction.  Doug doesn’t make me feel like I’m imposing when I ask for help.  I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced that kind of support.”

Katie Andy, Senior Loan Officer, told us “He is a rock within our organization.  He helps each of us be better at what we do daily.  He researches our questions and finds solutions.  He does not let anyone paint him into a corner.  He always has a kind word to say to everyone he speaks with whether they are in the office or at corporate or a client.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and what he does not know, he is quick to look up and find the answer.  He thinks outside the box and brainstorms with us when we run into issues.  He is honest and works with integrity. Our entire team is better because of him.”

Processors Tatiana Green and Jennifer Brown, said “Doug has gone above and beyond every month to provide the best support and knowledge that one man can; however, this month Doug took on my entire pipeline so that I could go on a week-long vacation with my husband. He submitted new files on my behalf and kept up with my already full and active end of month pipeline all while carrying a small pipeline of his own. Instead of putting the extremely difficult and time consuming file on his processing team,  he holds on to them and uses them as a tool to help both processing and sales.”

Doug is selfless and always dependable. He never makes us feel stupid for any of the questions that we have and he puts up with a lot attitudes (he works in an office of all women). I could give you a million and one examples as to why he deserves this recognition but I will just end with this, Doug is the superman of the mortgage industry…He is always willing to help and never gets too worked up about anything. He never makes you feel dumb or like you’re asking a dumb question. He has stayed late and made sure that things are taken care of when we can’t. He is the absolute best ops manager I have ever had at any company EVER. He is the kind of person and manger that I aspire to be and only hope I can soak up enough of this mentality before he decides to retire and play poker for the rest of his days.”

Finally, Laura Abel, Branch Manager out of Arlington, TX, added, “His title does NOT describe what he does on a daily basis!  He is problem solver number one.  He will take over a file so a processor can be gone and make sure it gets done ON TIME.  He will help loan officers finish originating files so they can go on vacation.  Do you see this pattern?  He will sacrifice his time to allow others a quality of life that this business sometimes does not allow!  Late night emails tell me he is still there working on my “rush” file…then the next day, the VERY early email letting me know he’s working on it lets me know my files are always a priority!  The support he provides both the LO and the processor is priceless.  But I think what really sets him apart…. there’s NEVER a complaint or an attitude other than CAN DO!!!!  The confidence he gives us and his willingness to do whatever it takes for success, can NOT be matched I am sure!  I know I speak for the whole branch in saying; Doug Brown is OUR employee of the month EVERY MONTH! But last month…he raised the bar!!! We put up record numbers and HE is the reason everyone closed ON TIME AS AGREED!!!!”

As you can see, Doug is a very well-respected team member and one that is loved by many.  It’s clear that Doug makes a positive impact on our team every single day.  We are very fortunate to have people like him within our organization, and we appreciate him more than he will ever know!