June 2019 Employee of the Month – Doug Brown
June 20, 2019
Making a Difference in the Lives of our Youth
July 23, 2019

July 2019 Employee of the Month – Misti Jakobsen

Recently, our CEO, James H. VanSteenhouse, inspired us with a message about ambition. He spoke about how “Ambition is a daily task with multiple virtues to be in tune with. Ambition drives with the forces of sacrifice and responsibility; The will to ask, listen, and learn from people with different perspectives; The courage it takes to risk failure and face rejection; And to form solid connections with people who value your own ambition.” He then asked us who we believe, within our organization, demonstrated pure ambition in June? The answer was clear. Misti Jakobsen, Processor out of Fort Walton Beach, FL fit this definition of ambition effortlessly.

Misti has gained the trust and confidence of her co-workers and leadership team. She is on top of her assignments, great at multitasking and makes the sacrifices needed to get the job done. For this reason, Misti has been selected as InterLinc Employee of the Month – July 2019!

Bill Kuhl, Loan Officer out of Ft. Walton Beach, FL said, “I would nominate Misti Jakobsen. I have been working toward trusting the system more and letting a little control of my files go to someone else. As an originator I need to spend more time getting files and less time working files. Misti is great at her job and I have the confidence in her and her experience that letting go is becoming easier. Her ambition is apparent in the fact that she is always up to speed with my customers, keeps me in line, and she will do what needs done to be sure we close on time and as agreed!”

Sheryl Douglas, Producing Branch Manager out of Ft. Walton Beach, FL said,  “My referral is Misti Jakobsen.  She’s in early every day.  She’s exceptional at multi-tasking and putting up with my crazy customers!”

As you can see, Misti is a very well-respected team member and one that is loved by many.  We are very fortunate to have people like her within our organization, and we appreciate her more than she will ever know!