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January 7, 2019
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January 15, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Keith Dugas

In today’s InterLinc Employee Spotlight, we shine the light on Keith J. Dugas, II, Area Vice President, out of New Orleans, LA.  Keith was recently asked to write a piece for our monthly employee newsletter and what he wrote really “fueled our fire”, in Keith’s words.

Keith joined the mortgage industry in 2012, after working in the oil and gas allocation business since the age of 18. He always had a passion to be a successful entrepreneur, but thought the only way he’d realize that dream was to go to college.  Due to a lack of resources, Keith was never afforded the opportunity to go to college to study business, so he worked in an industry he was familiar with.

After some years of successfully selling services in oil and gas allocation, Keith secured a large contract that nearly doubled his company’s revenue.  That’s when Keith’s “fire” started to grow.  He eventually started his own company to service that contract, but according to Keith, “being as young as I was I just wasn’t ready”, so he sold his company and jumped right into the mortgage industry.

After emerging himself into all the nuances of the mortgage industry, he thought to himself, “there is no way I can do this”; BUT, after a few short months of processing his own files, very late nights at the office, and closing a few loans on time…his “fire” grew rapidly.  The pure joy of seeing his clients being handed the keys to their new home was something he felt was magical.  That’s when he knew he had found his calling and he wanted to continue to fuel that fire.

When we asked Keith why he never gave up, he said, “Every day we are faced with new challenges.  Even when we think we’ve conquered them all, something new may arise.  Metaphorically speaking, it’s like climbing a mountain that has cloud cover three quarters of the way up, and you think to yourself ‘once I get through the clouds, I’ll be at the top.’  No…the climb continues.”

When asked what has kept his fire burning, Keith said, “Every day, I start my day off with a quiet moment alone and a cup of coffee.  I process the things I want to accomplish over and over in my head to light my ‘fire’.  Then I execute.  From the very beginning, I knew that if I wanted to grow, I not only needed more people, but needed systems.  One of my favorite sayings is ‘what gets measured, gets accomplished,’ and InterLinc has helped me measure and accomplish, and has been that helping hand down the path of growth…working at this organization with like-minded people has made the road to success easier…the group of professionals gathered at InterLinc also have that same ‘fire’ inside of them and we all share that same passion…I realize that I am now living my dream of being a successful entrepreneur within an amazing company.  We are no longer a branch of two people, we’re a team of over 400 amazing mortgage professionals. I believe in who we are as an organization.  Together, we are ‘the fuel’ that ignites the engine we call InterLinc.”

Keith, we feel the same.  Every day, we are thankful to have team members like you who keep the fire burning and keep the American Dream of homeownership alive.