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March 4, 2019
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April 22, 2019

Employee of the Month – Catherine Hunter

Earlier this month, our CEO, Jim VanSteenhouse, posed a question to our team members. “There are two types of personalities; Type A and Type B.  Type A personalities are determined, strong drive to achieve, and self-motivated.  Type B personalities are relaxed, calm under fire, and work steadily.  For a successful business to operate, both personalities are necessary.  Who in the month of February stood out as a Type A or B Superstar?”

Catherine Hunter, Marketing Manager out of Birmingham, AL, is truly the best of both worlds.  She is a go-getter who works extremely hard to achieve her goals, and the goals of the company, without having to be micro-managed.  At the same time, she is able to remain calm and poised in an ever-changing, fast paced environment.  For these reasons, Catherine was selected as InterLinc’s Employee of the Month for February!

Kim Chenoweth, Loan Originator out of Huntsville, AL, had this to say about Catherine, “Catherine is a Type B Personality Superstar!   Catherine works hard to make sure that Loan Originators do not have to wait on items needed from Marketing.  She responds quickly to let you know that she has received a request and will give you an update on what she is currently finishing up and how soon she can jump on your request.  She knows that in our business sometimes getting information out to a Realtor quickly can be the reason you get their next lead.  Catherine never shows how much she has on her plate, just works tirelessly to help us obtain the image we are striving for in our marketing piece.  Catherine is a huge asset to InterLinc and our sales team.  I hope everyone appreciates her as much as I do!”

Machelle Tyler, Team Manager out of Birmingham, AL, added, “I consider Catherine our 4th team member.  She is constantly working on our behalf to ensure the info we send out to our customers and referral partners is professional, eye-catching, and one of a kind.  She never flinches at any challenge we send her way.  She completes all task quickly and efficiently.  She takes our ideas and turns them into magnificent artwork, flyers, etc.  Catherine is the ultimate support personnel, continually working behind the scenes to make our LOs and Branches look amazing.”

Nancy Segroves, Loan Originator out of Madison, AL, wrote, “Catherine is always in the background helping us be the best that we can be.  Not only is she incredibly creative and talented, she responds to our desperate cries for help in a calm and supportive way.  Often we forget to recognize those that make us look so good and our job so much easier.  I believe it is Catherine’s time to shine!”

Amy Church, Loan Originator out of Huntsville, AL, “I’ve worked with Catherine since 2012, even before we came to InterLinc.  She is always helpful and works hard to make our lives easier.  She never says I can’t or I don’t have time.   She is truly an asset to InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC.”

Rachel Greene, Production Assistant out of Birmingham, AL, said, “Not many people can serve an entire company’s production team with the poise and efficiency as well as Catherine.  She meets the request and demands of all LOs and LOAs on a daily basis.  Her turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours which is incredible. She never complains at any request we may have or at the numerous edits we may request.  She is the epitome of a team player and never fails to disappoint with her art design.”

Holly Fairburn, Marketing Director out of Huntsville, AL, had the following to say, “There are SO many reasons I could give you as to why Catherine deserves this recognition.  Catherine is the perfect blend of a Type A and Type B.  She carries the determination, self-motivation and strong drive to achieve of the Type A. Catherine gives 110% to every project she is presented with.  She’s relentless.  She takes it upon herself to go above and beyond with each piece of work she puts out because she wants it to be a masterpiece…and it always is.

The Type B in Catherine is where you see the real magic happen.  She’s calm under fire.  When faced with a never-ending workload (literally), she takes a deep breath, tries to relax, and tells herself she can do it…and she does.  She refuses to give up until her last task is complete.  I honestly cannot say enough about Catherine.  I’m very blessed to have crossed paths with her in my career and I thank God every day that we’re teammates.  There is no way I could do it without her by my side.”

We are fortunate to have people like Catherine within our organization.  As you can see, she makes a daily impact on our entire team.  Congratulations Catherine and thank you for everything you do for all of us at InterLinc!