Our Branch Managers are our partners in every sense of the word. They work directly with the mortgagee to help them select the mortgage option that best fits their needs. At our corporate headquarters, we maintain the necessary processes to insure a successful outcome consistent with all required legal, agency, and governmental compliance.

We believe that the foundation of every successful organization is accountability. Continuous improvement is more than a buzz word at InterLinc. We measure performance at every job level against a high standard. We ask buyers to complete a customer satisfaction survey at closing as a constant measure of how we are doing. And, our CEO reads every one of them.

Before we invite a Branch to become part of the InterLinc family, we work with them to develop a branch proforma to help us determine whether or not it is a good fit for the Branch and for InterLinc. To become a successful partnership, the proforma covers not only a financial plan but measures the goals and values of both entities.

In 2011 we created a select group of Branch Managers to form a group we call Hieronica. The Latin word Hieronica is the source of the English word “heroes.” This special group is a key part of our management team. The group meets quarterly with their InterLinc corporate counterparts in facilitated sessions whose sole purpose is constantly challenging each other to improve our performance in all areas of our business.

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How Do I Become a Branch Manager?

William T. Hunter
Direct: 281-210-5658
Cell: 832-724-5583
Fax: 281 749 8185

Josh Iturrino
Direct: 214-253-4212
Cell: 214-564-0304

Steve J. Tremayne
Direct: 651-905-4542
Cell: 651-604-8699

Lisa Medieros
Cell: 828-320-3875

Lance Hilcher
Cell: 817-528-3448