November 29, 2018

GREAT NEWS! Conforming Loan Limits Have Increased

GREAT NEWS!  For the third year in a row, the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA) has increased the amount of money that can be borrowed through […]
November 19, 2018

Employee of the Month – Muriel Hulon

In the words of our CEO, Mr. VanSteenhouse, “Going beyond the call of duty and doing more than others expect is what excellence is all about.  It […]
November 15, 2018

Is A Home Inspection Required?

We’re often asked, “Is a home inspection required?”  Although your lender may not require a home inspection, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one performed.  Your home […]
October 30, 2018

Understanding Title Insurance

Understanding the fundamentals of title insurance and why it’s important for a home purchase is a piece of the “American Dream” pie that most home buyers […]