Making a Difference in the Lives of our Youth

Jul 23, 2019

The InterLinc Family Foundation (IFF) is pleased to be partnering with the AUM Foundation (AUM) out of Huntsville, Alabama for the second year in a row.  AUM's Pathway 2 Success Program seeks to empower and support under resourced female high school students for success.  The goal for the young women in the program is to become economically independent and socially responsible.

Holly Fairburn, Marketing Director out of Huntsville, Alabama, recently delivered a grant on behalf of the InterLinc Family Foundation to Alka Bhargav, Founder and Executive Director of AUM Foundation.  Mrs. Bhargav had the following to say, "We are able to do the work we do because of organizations like the InterLinc Family Foundation...who believe in the cause and work to make our under resourced kids successful.  We received a substantial contribution from the InterLinc Family Foundation to help cover the cost of providing private ACT tutoring to each kid in the program.  Can you imagine the impact of that?  Last year the average increase in scores was 21%!"  

The InterLinc Family Foundation's vision focuses on teaching our youth to "fish for life" versus "feeding them for a day," and it is clear that we share in this vision alongside AUM.  Our support is geared toward organizations that effectively utilize volunteer resources, and specifically those that can incorporate the direct involvement and volunteer participation of Interlinc Mortgage employees.  Supporters of the IFF firmly believe that it is possible to move mountains.

When asked about her support of AUM and the Pathway 2 Success Program, Mrs. Fairburn had the following to say, "For several years, I have been aware of the foundation's impact on our community.  Being friends with Alka, I could feel her passion, and see her commitment to the young women of North Alabama.  Her vision really spoke to me, and my husband and I have been blessed to be part of several fundraising events over the past couple of years.  I've had the opportunity to be able to meet many of these young women...  hear their stories and the adversities they've faced, and see their dedication to becoming strong, independent women.  It's been a real eye-opening experience for me, and one that I am truly thankful for.  AUM is an organization that is most definitely making a positive impact and defining difference on the lives of young women all across our great community.  AUM is helping to create a youth that can be proud of themselves...just as we are all so proud of them!"

You can learn more about AUM Foundation and the Pathway 2 Success Program on their website by clicking here.  Follow them on Facebook by clicking here.